10 spots that darken the bright and shining world of Dubai

Here is such a different and controversial this Dubai

Dubai is one of the most amazing and interesting cities in the world.

All these luxurious skyscrapers, expensive cars, and tons of gold undoubtedly look impressive. And in Dubai all year round, great weather! But, as you know, there are spots in the sun. We will tell you about these spots that darken the bright and shining world of Dubai.

1. Sex slavery

Sex slavery

To everything connected with sex, drugs, and alcohol, the local law is extremely harsh. The girl may have problems even because she walked down the street with open arms. However, as night falls, things change. The world's oldest profession in Dubai is booming: there are more than 30,000 prostitutes offering their services for $ 500 an hour.

It sounds like not the best deal, but, apparently, these are Dubai rates. However, the problem is different: big business supports and encourages prostitution, although it is illegal. This, so to speak, is one of the traditional sources of profit, the well-known dirty secret of Dubai - “white slavery” and sex trade, to which the police turn a blind eye.

2. Workers work 14 hours a day in the wild heat

Workers work 14 hours a day in the wild heat

Dubai is developing and being built at an incredible, rapid pace. However construction needs labor, right? These people work in extremely difficult conditions, 14 hours a day, and even in the wild heat (in summer the temperature can reach 48 degrees). Tourists in Dubai in this heat are advised not to stay in the sun for more than five minutes, but no one cares about the workers. Naturally, this causes a lot of fatal accidents, but Dubai money quietly covers all these problems.

3. Wasting huge amounts of water

Wasting huge amounts of water

Dubai is located in the desert, which means that they know about the problems associated with drinking water firsthand. Of course, as long as money grows on trees, these issues are easily solved, and even more: here they manage to completely save water and waste. For example, it is spent in large numbers for watering lawns on golf courses, of which there are many in Dubai. And such a thoughtless approach here is literally everything. Which comparison is better to choose - a mirage in the desert or a feast during the plague?

4. When the oil runs out, Dubai will be covered with a copper basin

When the oil runs out, Dubai will be covered with a copper basin

It’s not so difficult to build a paradise in the middle of the desert if you have a lot of black gold. And this, in general, is the only thing on which the entire Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, rests. But this situation can not last forever! After 20 years, the oil will start to be missed or its price will soar so high that people will switch to other sources of energy. And then The Dubai bubble will simply burst. This city will serve as the most vivid example of how to make a lot of money, without worrying about the consequences.

5. Wild racism

Wild racism

We live in the 21st century when people no longer consider racism the norm. However, humanity is ready to make an exception. For example, no one seems to care that racism is a driving force in Dubai. In this city, wild rules are used and a person is judged by how good his passport is. For example, for the same job, Americans and Europeans are paid two to three times more than people from third-world countries. Well, that is, people get paid not on the basis of knowledge and skills, but on the basis of nationality.

6. No concern for the environment

No concern for the environment

Endless large-scale construction projects lead to a huge amount of sewage and chemical waste, but not everyone wants to invest in environmental protection and wastewater treatment systems, preferring just to dump it all somewhere and drain it - for example, right into the sea. How does the state react to this? Why they shut off a wall of silence on this subject - that's all. Moreover, raising such topics is dangerous - it may end up being expelled from the country.

7. Fast cars = quick death on the road

Fast cars = quick death on the road

Oh, how many expensive and cool cars in Dubai! Here on the road, you can find the rarest and most expensive car models. Of course, when the latest sports cars cut through at great speed around the city - this is a fascinating sight. But this medal has a downside. Driving here is life-threatening: most drivers are not distinguished by good manners and traffic rules. Add to this reckless driver for fast cars and you will get the highest level of traffic accidents on the roads..

8. In Dubai, everything is artificial

In Dubai, everything is artificial

Many who have had the opportunity to live and work in Dubai say that everything there is not real - from artificial trees to fake smiles on their faces. The rich have built Dubai as some kind of artificial place in which people from all over the world can feel like kings. Unfortunately, those who stayed there longer understood that all this luxury was only to evoke false (albeit pleasant) emotions in people and to draw all the money out of them. If Dubai were a man, this man would have a thousand plastic operations and a heart of metal.

9. The law is cruel to those who have no money

Yes, Dubai is full of glamorous parties, luxury cars, and very rich people. However, there are also many unhappy people, and no one cares about them. Many came to Dubai with the hope of a better life, but the laws here are so harsh that you should miss paying some debt or a fine - and you can end up in prison. The same applies to employees of transnational corporations. If a company experiences some problems with the business, then its employees also have problems - they are taken from their houses, and they are put in jail.

10. Sonapur - a working ghetto in Dubai

Sonapur - a working ghetto in Dubai

Outside, Dubai is beautiful, but it is worth digging deeper - and going to hell, where labor slavery thrives. Of course, formally, everything is in accordance with the law, but in practice, people from countries such as India, Pakistan, and China come here to earn money and become completely dependent on their employers. They take their passports, pay pennies, and force them to work more than they are supposed to. So the dreams of a good life in this country turn for these people to humiliation, hard work, and a very small salary.

Sonapur is a small district of Dubai that can be called the home of all the poor workers. Over the years, this place has become a kind of working ghetto, where more and more new semi-slabs from third-world countries flock to. According to some estimates, more than 150,000 workers live (or rather, survive) in Sonapur in unbearable conditions.

In a tiny room lodge eight or more people. With hygiene here too, everything is sad. If only there was food! But it is not always enough. How does the state solve this problem? It believes that as long as these people are able to build luxury hotels and skyscrapers, there is no problem (deported - that's all).

Here is such a different and controversial this Dubai. You may like it a lot, and going there as a tourist is a great idea. Although the unpleasant facts that we have listed above, somewhat spoil the image of this glittering gold city.

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