Nicole Kidman angers fans

Scandal with Nicole Kidman in the foreground in Hong Kong. What infuriated the locals

Nicole Kidman has become the subject of scandal in Hong Kong because of the special treatment she received from local authorities.

Nicole Kidman (54) outraged international public opinion after being exempted from anti-Covid measures when she entered Hong Kong. The Australian actress was seen shopping, although she should have been in quarantine.

The Australian actress arrived on the island for the filming of the series "Expatriates", and the officials gave her a waiver, so as not to spend 14 days in quarantine, as required by law.

Nicole Kidman is in Hong Kong to film a series about the extravagant life of ex-pats. Despite the restrictive measures imposed by the authorities, which include being placed in quarantine for 21 days at the entrance to the metropolis, the Australian actress was able to move freely.

She was seen shopping two days after arriving in Hong Kong, sparking a wave of outrage among locals and beyond.

Hong Kong has some of the toughest anti-Covid regulations, and Nicole Kidman's exception has been hotly debated by the region's press.

People's anger is even greater because the authorities knew of her presence in Hong Kong and chose to make an exception to the rules for staff performing a "designated professional activity," writes scmp.com.

To calm the spirits, the local authorities issued a statement announcing that those who receive exemptions must still comply with the prevention measures. The actress did not comment on the situation.

Representatives of the Hong Kong Bureau of Trade and Economic Development said on Thursday that, so far, the actress has not violated any conditions imposed by the authorities.

However, acid reactions continued to appear on Twitter and the Chinese social network Sina Weibo.

"What authority gave her the right?" One user asked.

Hong Kong authorities have set up a quarantine for citizens from other parts of the world. Its duration depends on the country of origin. Actress Nicole Kidman should have been isolated for at least 7 days before taking to the streets in Hong Kong, even though she is vaccinated.

The actress has not yet offered any answer on this topic.